The Lion Habitat Ranch

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The Lion Habitat Ranch

Where do Lions Go When they Retire?

Keith Evans is the owner of the Lion Habitat Ranch, a home to 44 lions, a giraffe named Ozzy, several macaws, ostriches and other birds.  The Ranch is located near Bermuda and St. Rose near the M Resort.

For 15 years, Keith Evans and his staff ran the lion exhibit in the MGM Grand.  Twice each day, his staff and the lions commuted from their home at the Ranch to the Strip and back.  It’s interesting to wonder how many people never knew they were driving next to lions on their way to work!

In 2012, MGM ended their lion exhibit, which was located in the space that is now Hakkasan.  In response, Keith opened the Lion Habitat Ranch to the public and established the operation as a registered charity.  It is the only place in Nevada that people can see these beautiful animals.


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Visitor Activities

There is a lot to do at the Ranch.  The Ranch is set up for guests to go at their own pace while they learn and observe the animals.  Watching the animals interact with each other and the staff is great fun.  

Visitors to the Ranch can take a free picture with an adult male lion (through safety glass).  Visitors can can feed the giraffe by hand and can feed lions through a safety fence.  You can watch Keith and his team go inside those fences to feed some of the cubs by hand each day, which is an amazing sight.  

“Hi Lion!  Hi Lion!”

Watching children at the Lion Habitat is almost as much fun as watching the animals.  

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Kids stare wide eyed at the lions, which stand over 8 feet tall when they rise to their hind legs.

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Every so often, one lion will roar and more will join in until the sound fills the Ranch.  It is impressive to hear one lion roar but it is quite an experience to be surrounded by the sounds of many lions roaring.  Adults are humbled; kids are delighted.

Passionate Team

Keith and his team are among the highlights of a visit to the Ranch.  They share a wealth of information about the animals and their care.  They describe each lion’s personality and disposition.  Lions typically live up to 7 years in the wild.  But at the Ranch, lions easily live twice that time and some of the lions at the Ranch are over 19 years old.  This speaks to the expert care and attention they receive from the team at the Ranch.

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Help the Lion Habitat

The lion habitat is seeking contributions toward their operating expenses and to expand their service hours.  They are currently open Fridays to Mondays from 10am to 2pm.  If you are able to make a contribution, please do.  If not, please visit and support their mission by spreading the word.  This is a very worthy cause.

Lion Habitat Ranch