The Blind Center of Nevada’s eCycling Program

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The Blind Center of Nevada’s eCycling Program

BIO PictureJessica De Vivo of The Blind Center of Nevada answered a number of questions about how her organization’s recycling programs help our environment and the community. As a member of our recycling panel discussion held at the Innevation Center in June, she shared her experiences in how their electronic recycling program benefits businesses and our blind population.

The following are some of the questions and answers she gave at this event.

Who is the Blind Center of Nevada & What is Your Organization About?

“The Blind Center of Nevada serves Southern Nevada’s blind population and assists people who are blind or visually impaired in reaching their highest physical, social, intellectual, and economic potential. We have been around since 1955, and recently celebrated our 60th year. Currently we have approximately 300 members, most of whom live below the extreme poverty level. Some members have been blind since birth, but 80 to 90 percent lost sight for various reasons later in life.

Our team provides essential services to our members that enable them to find hope and learn independence. And we’re the only blind center in the nation to offer its members the pursuit of greatness and we’re the only organization of its type in Nevada.”

How Does the Blind Center’s Recycling Program Work & How Does This Program Benefit Your Organization?

Started in 2000, we currently operate one of Nevada’s largest e-waste recycling programs. IAn estimated 2 million pounds of e-waste will be recycled this year at BCN. We provide services to the approximately 4,000 businesses in the Las Vegas valley that donate electronic equipment. We offer free pick-up in marked Blind Center trucks by uniformed employees for businesses, and professional Electronic Asset Removal and Recycling for both commercial and residential customers.

We are one of only 2 companies in Nevada, and only one in southern Nevada, R2 certified. This business accounts for approximately 65 percent of the Blind Center’s operating budget. Half, 50 percent, of our employees of this business are legally blind, so we provide employment for those who otherwise would have a difficult time finding employment. Finally, 100 percent of the profits from this program go to support all of the wonderful programs at the Blind Center.”

What Does Your Electronic Asset Removal Program Offer & Who Would Be A Customer You Work With?

“We offer, data destruction options including Asset Recording, which is the recording of serial numbers for computers for companies that need this service. Our team weighs everything and reports the weights to your organization. We send our team to your site with portable data destruction equipment to remove data before assets leave your facilities.

Currently, we work with a variety of customers from Caesar’s Palace and a number of large casinos in the area to Switch Technologies. We also provide our services to multiple State and Federal Agencies, and healthcare organizations such as Valley Health Systems.

How Much Recycling is Currently Performed by the Blind Center Do & How Are You Working to Improve Your Programs?

“Currently the Blind Center of Nevada recycles over 8,000 pounds of materials every day. We are always looking to increase our customers, and can easily handle the addition of new and major recycling efforts in Southern Nevada. To increase our efficiency in the future, we are looking to build a new facility and increase our capacity by more than 50 percent. A new building would also help to enhance security and efficiency.”

To learn more about their Data Recycling programs, visit The Blind Center of Nevada.