Small Electronics Make Global Impact

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Small Electronics Make Global Impact

Recycling electronic gadgets can make a huge impact in what goes into our landfills. Approximately 90 percent of all electronics are able to be recycled. With an estimated 2 million tons of electronic devices, such as monitors, computers, servers, and mobile phones, disposed of annually in the United States, recycling even small devices can make an impact. This considerable amount of e-waste accumulating on disposal factories and inside storage houses contain parts that can help to built the next generation of electronics without bleeding our planet dry of it’s natural resources.

Benefits to E-Cycling

There is a long list of benefits to recycling any product, but electronics have their own specific reasons to recycle. Here are our top 3 benefits to e-cycling and how they can help your business and our local, Nevada communities.

Recycling Supports Our Communities

With increasingly fast-paced advancements in technology many users and business owners upgrade in order to keep up. Existing equipment can be donated to lower level organizations, where the community can put them to good use. Giving your well-running laptop, for instance, to a local school can empower the community, and support local education. In some instances your business may be able to write the expenses off, but we suggest you speak with your tax adviser about these types of benefits before making the donation if you intend to write it off.

Upgrading your mobile phone to the latest release, often means that you have a well functioning phone you will no longer be using. We suggest you consider donating it to charities and non-government organizations which are open to accepting functional electronic devices.

Recycling Eliminates Health Hazards

Many electronics contain hazardous substances, such as mercury and lead. When disposed of improperly they can expose individuals that come into contact with them to serious, and sometimes fatal, health conditions. If you devices are no longer usable and must be disposed of, handing them over to an electronic recycling company can eliminate this hazard, protecting both individuals and the environment.

Recycling Creates Local Jobs

Electronic companies understand the money-saving benefits of collecting old electronics and the rate that these electronics are discarded. For this reason, many electronic manufacturing companies also have firms in charge of gathering and collecting outdated electronics. This creates jobs on a local level, and thus more opportunities for the jobless.

Recycling benefits can go on and on, and are becoming more commonplace in technology driven businesses. Still there is a lot of room for electronic recycling to grow in the United States and Las Vegas community. If you have electronic goods you are considering throwing out, or want to learn more, we invite you to join our recycling panel on Wednesday, June 15th to learn more.