Reducing Evaporation From Your Pool

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Reducing Evaporation From Your Pool

There is no doubt that Southern Nevada loves our pools. Not only do they help us to beat the heat but provide hours of summertime fun right in our own back yards. But with water such a limited resource, and becoming scarcer each year the amount of evaporation has become a concern for many residents in the valley and across the Southwest.

How Much Pool Water Is Lost Due to Evaporation?

It is estimated that with our extremely dry and hot conditions in the Las Vegas area a pool, even without a water feature such as a waterfall, can lose as much as half of one inch may be lost in a single day. This can add up to over one and one half inches of water lost in a single week. This number is even higher for pools with water features and waterfalls.

How Do I Limit Swimming Pool Evaporation?

If you are one of the many swimming pool owners in the Las Vegas area you can limit the amount of evaporation by securing a swimming pool cover over your pool during the days your pool isn’t in use. “Since most families use their pools over the weekend, securing a swimming pool cover over it the other 5 days of the week can not only keep evaporation low, but can also help keep children and pets safe from drowning,” says Safe Defenses, a local safety fence and pool barrier provider. Assuming the one half of one inch per day evaporation rate mentioned before “this could reduce weekly pool evaporation by approximately one inch per week, that’s a third of a foot per month. Saving a foot of pool water evaporation during the summer season can really add up to a lot of water for Las Vegas residents.”

Find out more about how swimming pool covers can help reduce the need for chemicals, cleaning maintenance, and more in their Swimming Pool Safety Products website.