Opportunity Village’s Recycling Program

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Opportunity Village’s Recycling Program

Sarah StephensSarah Stephens of Opportunity Village answered a number of questions about how her organization’s recycling programs help our environment and the community. As a member of our recycling panel discussion held at the Innevation Center in June, she shared her experiences in how the PaperPros program  helps businesses become more organized and efficient.

The following are some of the questions and answers she gave at this event.

Who is Opportunity Village & What is Your Organization About?

“Opportunity Village is a non-profit organization that facilitates employment for adults in Southern Nevada who have intellectual disabilities. We do this by operating lines of business which are services that can be performed and fulfilled by these individuals. We currently have four campuses and a Thrift Store in Southern Nevada. At these campuses and in the community, our individuals are employed by performing service contracts including retail, custodial, packaging & assembly, culinary services, product re-purposing, document shredding, and document imaging.

Our document destruction and document imaging services, known as PaperPros, are two of our most significant lines of business; because of this, we dedicate an entire campus to them. Many people in the Las Vegas community know us for the Magical Forest or for the annual Santa Run, but not for our businesses services. These events are great fundraisers for our organization, but our core mission is generating employment opportunities for intellectually disabled adults through service contracts.”

How Does the Opportunity Village’s Recycling Program Work & How Does This Program Benefit Your Organization?

“We have many services that we offer which utilize recycling: document shredding, rag repurposing, playing card defacing, art programs, and the thrift store. Offering services that recycle or repurpose items allows us to not only employ disabled individuals, but also earn revenue for our organization to fulfill its core mission.

Rag Reclamation: Various casino properties send us their used linens and towels which we repurpose into cleaning rags. These rags are purchased back by the casinos and other retailers for use by their custodial crews, which saves these businesses thousands of dollars each month. We process and repurpose 2,000-3,000 of these linens daily.

Playing Card Defacing: Playing card defacing allows used decks to be repackaged for sale in casino gift shops.

Art Programs: Businesses, such as the Review Journal, donate overstock newspapers and other items for use in our art programs.

The most significant recycling program, however, is PaperPros – our document shredding and imaging service.”

What is the PaperPros Program & What Recycling Is Included With It?

“PaperPros is our document destruction and document imaging service. We have over 800 regularly serviced document destruction customers throughout Las Vegas including Caesars Entertainment, Southern Nevada Health District, and the city and state government offices. At our facility, we shred over 15 tons of paper each day. Once we shred this paper, it is baled and sent to GP Harmon, where it is fully recycled into new paper products.

We also convert paper documents into digital format allowing these documents to then be shredded and recycled. We image all the food and beverage receipts for MGM and Caesars Entertainment. We also image for medical offices, property management groups, and more. Each month, we process and image around 1.5 to two million documents.”

How Much Recycling is Currently Performed by the PaperPros Program, & How Are You Working to Improve Your Programs?

“We shred approximately 15 tons of paper each day at our facility. We are always expanding our customer base and looking to grow this business line as much as possible each year. We hope to expand our document shredding service to include more locations around Las Vegas for walk-in business. This will allow us to better accommodate our residential customers in the community.”

About Sarah Stephens

Sarah Stephens has been with Opportunity Village since 2014 serving as the account executive for their document management line of business, known as PaperPros. In Las Vegas alone, PaperPros provides over 800 customers with confidential document destruction/recycling, hard drive destruction, and document imaging.

To learn more about the PaperPros program visit Opportunity Village.