Inventive Ways to Reuse Paper

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Inventive Ways to Reuse Paper

Reduce, recycle, reuse, that’s the mantra of most people that have sustainability and conservation at the forefront of their minds. The reduce and recycle tend to be much easier than the reuse. In this article you will read 4 inventive ways to reuse paper, and save you money too.

4 Inventive Ways to Reuse Paper

Print on the Reverse Side

We know, it’s super obvious, but it still surprises us how many people print single sided paper, and never bother print on the back. If you are like us and have all your printer settings already printing on both sides by default, please continue down the list. If not, either set your printer to do this, or just print using the other side of the paper for in-house usage.

Use Printed Paper as Scratch Paper

You can clip together a small stack of previously printed paper to use as scratch, or even tear it into quarters and staple it to create scratch pads. Keep them at your desk, near your phones, and in the conference room to allow easy access. Just be sure there’s not sensitive information on them first.

Pack It

Scrunch up old papers of all types from previously printed materials to junk mail to pack a box. You should always opt out of junk mail whenever possible to reduce the amount you receive. Use it as a packing material for holidays, you’ll be surprised how much you can go through.

Compost’s Brown Component

Paper with non-toxic inks can be used as the “brown” component in your compost. Tear paper into strips or small pieces to help it break down faster. And be sure to not include glossy magazines.

What you can’t reuse, recycle, and be sure to shred your sensitive information before discarding anything into a recycle bin.