Fish Stocking Helps Nevada Lakes

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Fish Stocking Helps Nevada Lakes

Every year the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) stock thousands of fish into the lakes, reservoirs, creeks, rivers, and streams throughout all the regions of our state. This periodic fish stocking helps to replenish and restore native fish species to waters, allowing for minimal disruption to natural habitats. Most of the fish stocked are over one and one half inches in length and are raised in hatcheries near the waterways they intend to stock. All stocked gae fish are catchable sizes from 8 to 11 inches, trout are stocked in urban ponds from November to March, and catfish are stocked in urban ponds from April to October. For more about regulations, read the Hunting & Fishing Guides.

Southern Nevada Fish Stocking

The southern Nevada region includes several reservoirs and park ponds around the area. The most notable deposits of fish in these areas include 15,000 rainbow released in Haymeadows Reservoir on April 6th, over 7,500 rainbow in Cold Springs Reservoir on April 5th and more than 600 catfish into Boulder City Pond on April 13th. With fewer bodies of water than other regions around Nevada there are less opportunities for stocking fish, but you can see the Stocking Totals for your favorite Southern Nevada fishing spot on the NDOW website, as well as the year to date totals.

Western Nevada Fish Stocking

In the western Nevada region we see the NDOW stocking several waterways in May. These include over 5,000 cutthroat in the Truckee River on May 19th, over 3,300 cutthroat in the Verdi Pond  on May 16th and over 500 rainbow in Marilyn’s Pond on May 10th. You can see the Stocking Totals for your Western Nevada favorite fishing spots on the NDOW website, and see the impressive year to date totals for fish stocking.

Eastern Nevada Fish Stocking

With eastern Nevada including areas such as White Pine an Elko Counties, there is a good amount of fishing opportunities, and with recent Fish Stocking Totals those opportunities are even better than you will catch a good sized game fish. Some of the larger deposits of fish include over 80,000 rainbow in Wildhorse Reservoir on May 9th, over 45,000 rainbow in South Fork Reservoir on April 26th, and 7,500 rainbow in Illipah Reservoir on May 4th.

In other states similar programs are ran by local environmental conservation groups, as the effects of this type of activities have a direct impact on the environment. In the State of Nevada the NDOW runs this program, and strongly urges people to leave the activity of stocking to the experts. Their ability to assess the delicate balance of each body of water, the native species and the challenges in each individually make them the most knowledgeable source of fish stocking for our state. If you have questions about fish in a local body of water, contact the Nevada Department of Wildlife.