Vanessa Portillo

I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. (Yes, a real unicorn!) After spending some time in the rain forests, dry forests and cloud forests of Costa Rica, I became fascinated with plants and their life cycles. Upon my return, I moved to North Carolina and became a certified clinical herbalist, and began working with children’s ailments. Wanting to get back to my roots, I moved back to the West Coast where my focus shifted towards agriculture. I fell in love with the idea of replacing lawns/ornamentals with edible varieties, and creating a sustainable environment through permaculture principles to recreate natural ecosystems. When I joined the Garden Farms team four years ago, I felt so lucky to find a job and a community that aligned so perfectly with my passions! Being able to educate children with these ideas is not only securing a system of sustainability for the environment, it is creating a system of sustainability for their own food access as well.

One system of sustainability I have adopted into my daily life is catching my ice-cold water into a bucket while I wait for it to warm up before showering. That’s about 2 gallons I get to water my plants with that would otherwise have gone “down the tubes”!

Company : Garden Farms Foundation

Title : Director

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