Nevadans Request to Bring Back Solar

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Nevadans Request to Bring Back Solar

If you live in Nevada, there’s no doubt that you heard about the Public Utilities Commission placing a discriminatory charge on rooftop solar customers last December. This unprecedented move increased the utility bills off 30,000 Nevadans who had already invested in solar by 50 percent. This one move obliterated the fastest growing industry in Nevada’s economy, rooftop solar. Since then, applications for rooftop solar have dropped 99 percent, putting thousands of Nevadans out of work.

Earlier this week, on June 21st, the Bring Back Solar Alliance, a group funded by the No Solar Tax PAC, submitted the signatures of over 115,000 Nevadans to counties throughout the state. The signatures submitted represent more than twice the required number necessary for the Alliance’s veto referendum to quality for the November ballot.

The ability for the alliance to produce these signatures, in such a short amount of time, demonstrates the overwhelming support the voters in Nevada have for solar. While some supporters see a need for a stronger economy others desire allowing consumer choice.

To continue to follow this alliance, and their initiative, Visit Their Website Here.