Battle of the Buildings

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Battle of the Buildings

Starting September 1st and ending November 30th the Battle of the Buildings is on in Nevada. If you own or operate a commercial or industrial building and are interested in lowering your overall costs while reducing energy and water use, you may be eligible to participate in this event.

About the Battle of the Buildings in Nevada

2016 will be the inaugural Battle of the Buildings competition in Nevada. It takes place over the course of three months and includes commercial and industrial buildings will compete with each other in two specific categories:

Energy: Greatest percent reduction in total energy use
Water: Greatest percent reduction in total water use

What is the Process?

There is a four-step process involving:

Calculate your energy and water use, and compare that to similar building types.
Identify specific energy and water saving opportunities.
Implement these various improvements.
Measure and verify the results of your efforts.

The competition will compare the energy and water consumed in 2015 to the energy and water used over the same period in 2016. Those who reduce use by the greatest percent, in each building category will be recognized during an awards ceremony in April 2017.

How Do I Know if I’m Eligible?

Businesses eligible to participate include:

Entertainment (Hospitality)
Educational (K-12 & Higher Ed)

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