Abandoned Copper Mine Clean Up Urged by EPA

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Abandoned Copper Mine Clean Up Urged by EPA

Our state legislators, specifically Senator Harry Reid and Governor Brian Sandoval, don’t see eye to eye over the designation of an abandoned copper mine in Lyon County, Nevada. In a state littered with abandoned mines, what’s all the fuss about this one? That answer is simple, money.

On Monday, December 28, 2015, Sen. Reid urged Gov. Sandoval to accept a Superfund priority to clean up the mine in question. In a notification to the state governor from Blumenfeld the state has a deadline of January 29th or the addition of the site to the national priority list will stand. Their reason? That answer is simple too, contamination from the site continues to pose risk to public health and the environment.

Previously the local officials have opposed the designation out of fear that it could potentially harm the rural area’s economy and future economic development. Reid’s current position is that by placing the toxic mine on the EPA’s list would provide access to the necessary funds needed to expedite the cleanup.

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Source: Las Vegas Review-Journal Article: Reid wants Nevada mine declared Superfund Site Published December 28, 2015 by Sandra Chereb