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Paint your lawn green! At GrassBGreen we understand what it is like to live in the desert and the drought that goes with it. GrassBGreen Concentrate is what the lawn paint pros use to make golf courses and country clubs look green and lush. We have brought this amazing lawn paint direct to consumers since 2003.

For application, you spray it on with a garden sprayer that will takes minutes but will last for moths! It is a permanent dye that will restore your dead lawn to the natural, green color that your lawn should be.

GrassBGreen works on all types of grass and you control the shade by the amount you apply. GrassBGreen is 100% for pets and kids and can reduce your watering up to 40%!

Dries in Minutes. Lasts for months.


Melisha Landreth

Email : [email protected]

Phone : (877) 754-1268