BriteGreen Energy Solutions

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BriteGreen Energy Solutions

BriteGreen energy solutions is a consulting group and passionate consumer advocate for solar energy. BriteGreen works with homeowners and businesses to guide them through the process of converting to solar power. They inform, educate and freely share with those who are searching for environmentally responsible solutions. Solar is a highly technical, complex, long-term purchase. Consumers need an advocate who represents their interests. BriteGreen is that advocate.

Services provided:

  • Secure qualified designs and proposals from highly qualified contractors
  • Evaluate system designs
  • Analyze each proposal and provide a comprehensive comparison
  • Negotiate with the selected contractor to secure the best price and financing
  • Meet with HOA for approval (if required)
  • Oversee installation and system activation
  • We do not charge for our services.

Richard Rodrigo

Email : [email protected]

Phone : (702) 465-1374