David Walker

Born and raised in Southern California until moving to Phoenix to attend and graduate from DeVry institute along with ASU. During his years of growing up in California Dave visited Las Vegas dozens of times while his parents were donating to the city to help build it to what it is today. Starting back then he had the bug to move here one day and over 20 years ago it happened. Since then he has moved away a couple of times for work but always returning to what is now his permanent home.

After graduating college Dave worked mostly in the Computer Industry working at ASU, Silicon Graphics working with the private sector, State and Federal governments as customers.  During these years he also worked for a Food distribution company where he began to learn the fact that offering a service to someone is the same no matter what the industry or customer is.

Dave’s extensive experience in customer service for over 30 years has enabled him to establish a successful Las Vegas pest control company in the Valley, Greenway Pest Services that excels in providing excellent service at a reasonable price. Doing it the old fashion way of providing a service that a customer needs or wants which can many times mean going above and beyond what is expected.

He is continually staying abreast of new technology and products, particularly as they relate to the environment, carbon footprint and health of his clients, their children and their pets. Greenway offers organic, low toxic or high toxic chemicals for the pesticide, depending on the customers need or the service requirements Dave’s technicians are all licensed, insured and must meet his stringent guidelines for customer satisfaction.

A former Board of Director of the now closed Las Vegas Green Chamber of Commerce, Dave has had the belief in the idea of a Green Chamber. Now working with a group of people that have the same belief and desire to create a nonprofit organization that can be a real benefit to our state is exciting. This group has fantastic ideas for the Green Chamber of Nevada and the community to help improve all of our lives.

Company : Greenway Pest Control

Title : President

Phone : 702-533-3994

Email : [email protected]

Website : http://greenwaylv.com